September 30, 2020 was the worst day of Glenn’s life. That’s the day Glenn and Amberly unexpectedly lost their 24-year-old son. In the weeks and months since that tragedy, Glenn discovered that some things cannot be reversed, but they can be redeemed. He and Amberly decided not to waste their pain, but to help others find a way where there seems to be no way.

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A 30-Day Experience to Mend Your Heart

A unique combination of video devotions, journaling, and spiritual exercises to help you take the next step on your redemptive journey.

After Grant died, Glenn felt as Dante wrote in The Inferno: “He woke up in a strange wood and the way was completely unfamiliar.” This 30-Day Experience is designed to help you walk the unfamiliar, but redemptive path, out of your darkness.

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What Are People Saying?

“Glenn has a profound ability to relate with what you’re going through, and help you see what is possible even in the midst of emotional crisis.”

“I can’t wait to watch this.”

“Many people need to read what you have to say.”

“This is such a needed series!!”

Other Resources to Help On Your Redemptive Journey

Life-Giving Messages

Glenn enjoys sharing the message of hope and redemption at churches and venues across the country. To watch some of his latest messages, see below.

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Blogs About Life

The Worst Day of My Life

It was September 30, 2020.  That’s when the worst day in my life started. I say “started” because the worst day of my life didn’t last for only a day—and yours won’t either. If the shelf-life of the worst day of your life was only twenty-four hours, you’ve had a...

Coming Out From Under the Desk

"I’ve been under the desk, not because of false evidence that appears real, but because life can be full of suffering, and horrible things happen to people who love God. " When the alarm sounded, we knew the drill—duck and cover, immediately stop what we were doing...

Nobody ever told me that grief felt so much like fear.

            C. S. Lewis wrote, “Nobody ever told me that grief felt so much like fear.”              Grant’s death shattered my heart; that did...

Grace, Truth, and Time

Grace, Truth, and Time The tree was barren. No leaves. No fruit. Just spindly branches reaching to heaven without an offering in its hands.  The landowner was a practical man. He planted the fig tree in the vineyard to produce fruit, not to take up space. This...

A Poem

There must be a path through this darkness, A way through this wilderness I fall and trip Stumble and flail Where do I find direction? Where do I look for guidance? Nothing is familiar Everything is confused The forest engulfs me The darkness overwhelms me I want to...

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Life is a team sport.

Glenn couldn’t have made it through the worst day of his life without the help of Amberly, his family, and his friends. Contact us to discover how we can come alongside you with resources so you don’t have to do life alone

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