It was September 30, 2020. 

That’s when the worst day in my life started. I say “started” because the worst day of my life didn’t last for only a day—and yours won’t either. If the shelf-life of the worst day of your life was only twenty-four hours, you’ve had a bad day, but I can guarantee you that it wasn’t your worst day. The worst day in your life will stretch into weeks, months, and even years. 

I had a bad day when the first sixty-eight pages of my doctoral dissertation were rejected. I had another bad day when I wrecked my car on the first day of my first pastorate. I’ll grant you that it was a bad day when we sold our house for less than we owed on it because the real estate bubble burst. Finally, here’s one from way back. It was a bad night when my prom date left with another guy.

We all live through bad days, but that’s not what this book is about. It’s not about coping with the normal challenges and difficulties of life. Certainly, the daily stresses and anxieties pile up and must be dealt with; after all, I’m an attorney, which by most accounts is a particularly stressful profession. If you don’t believe it, try arguing your case to a judge who keeps interrupting with questions, an opposing counsel who keeps objecting every few minutes, and a client who is watching!

I have bad days and need skills to work through those days; even more than that, I know that God cares about those days. That’s simply not what this book is about. This book is about what happens on and after the worst day of your life—the days that completely disorient you, change your life in a moment, and test everything you’ve ever believed about yourself, life, and God’s love.

The worst days of our lives.

That may sound heavier than a ton of bricks, but, trust me, there is a path out from under the rubble that leads to hope and healing after the worst day of your life. I’m convinced that you don’t have to stay trapped in that day’s devastation, arrested by its power, or debilitated by its horror; you can move through that day to the future that God has for you. Your worst day doesn’t have to define you, but it will become a part of you. You won’t ever move on from it, but you can move through it to a better tomorrow.

How do we find that path? First, we realize that we are not alone. The Bible tells the story of men and women who survived the worst.

Mary and Martha on the day Lazarus suddenly died.

Jeremiah on the day Israel’s enemies destroyed Jerusalem and sacked the Temple.  

The widow on the day the creditors came to enslave for her sons to pay her debts.

David on the day his family was kidnapped, his house burned, and his men turned against him.

Paul on the day he was shipwrecked, beaten, betrayed, or left for dead (pick one—it’s multiple choice on this one).

Elijah on the day a jealous queen threatened his life and an unhinged King chased him down.

The list goes on.

Your name can be added to it. 

So, how do you find the path? Every journey is different, but it begins by believing that God cares about you as much has others who have survived the worst. 

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