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You face unique legal challenges as a church or nonprofit. While the right solutions are often difficult to find yourself, the consequences of certain mistakes may be catastrophic. Get help with your most pressing concerns and clarity to resolve your uncertainties.

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Your Church Attorney

We Help Grow and Protect Your Ministries through Our Proven Framework and Serve as Your Attorney on Retainer.

Church Protection Plan

Rest easier knowing your church has adopted and implemented policies and procedures to protect your mission in this secular age. The Church Protection Plan includes 44 vital policies and forms to protect your church from legal threats regarding:

  • Children and Youth Ministry

  • High-Risk Ministry Activities

  • Financial Accountability

  • Facility Use

  • Board Responsibility

  • Staff Responsibility

The policies come ready for you to personalize to your church!

Church DocuSource

Church DocuSource – 40 to 50 different documents (housing allowance, release form for kids to go to camp, confidentiality for boards, etc.)

(basically his answer to legal zoom for churches… you don’t have to pay me to customize these documents for you. These will be sufficient

What you find on the internet may not be wrong, it just may not be right for you. I know churches and I know these are right for churches. Each of these would cost $400/500 if you draft it from scratch)

4 big categories – Board, Staff, High-risk ministries, Financial

Keeping Them Safe

Keeping Them Safe is a turn-key program designed to protect the youth and children in your church from sexual abuse—the number one reason churches go to court today. Keeping Them Safe includes policies, applications, and other forms drafted by attorneys for your church’s use. In addition, Keeping Them Safe provides you with six training videos to equip your volunteers and paid staff. Plus, you never need to re-order, your church can print as many documents as you need. 

Here’s What’s Included:

  • Child, Youth, and Worker Protection Policy

  • Children and Youth Worker Screening Policy

  • Children and Youth Worker Application and Consent Forms

  • Video Training

  • Leader’s Guide

  • Volunteer’s Guide

Church Legal Library

(27 videos) – then always adding more topics

27 Questions Every Pastor...

27 Questions Every Pastor and Board Member Should Be Asking, But May Not Even Know to Ask by Glenn S. Reynolds

Almost every day, law firm offices’ phones ring with a pastor, deacon, trustee, or other church leader calling with questions about ministry in this increasingly litigious society. This book puts several of those questions together in one resource for pastors and board members. It provides answers and equips churches to fulfill their mission and their vision.

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Make Church Incorporation Easy

Church Incorporation


Church Incorporation + Property Transfer



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